Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground Arrives!

A new island to explore and new society to defeat.


A new dawn has arrived in Fortnite with the start of Chapter 5. Season 1 introduces a new map and a new element to The Society that includes new game play mechanics for players to enjoy.

New Map

As always with a new map there are new areas to explore. A new biome to the west which contains the Ritzy Riviera marina and a little further our to the north is a forest which is home to an adandoned mansion, the Rebel's Roost.

To the south in the grasslands you will find pristine views seen by those travelling by train to the Grand Station at Reckless Railways. There are plenty more new areas to explore in Chapter 5.

Defeat bosses for Medallions

With The Society taking Peely the map contains 5 bosses that need to be defeated. Oscar, Nisha, Montague, Valeria, and Peter Griffin from Family Guy can be defeated to earn Society Medallions. Keeping a medallion in your inventory will help recharge your shields.

Be warned, having a medallion will make you a target for opponents and your location will become known to them when you carry one.

There are also new vehicles, weapon updates and more. Details of which can be seen over on the official Fortnite website.