Unreal Engine

Digital Foundry Takes a Look at Unreal Engine's mixed start on Consoles

As Unreal Engine 5.3 arrives results appear mixed on Consoles


After some very impressive tech demos that showed us just what Unreal Engine 5 can do we are starting to see fully fledged games making their way to consoles. Digital Foundry has taken a look at the current state of 5 Unreal Engine powered games on major consoles.

While results are mixed currently we are yet to see major AAA games using UE5 and with Epic's own game focus being Fortnite it will be a little while before we can see what UE5 titles are fully capable of on this current generation of consoles.

What is good to see is that support for these games is on-going and major patches and seeing marked improvements in performance as time goes on.

Eurogamer has a in-depth analysis with a specific look at technologies offered in UE5 and how consoles are handling them.