Unreal Engine

Interview with CliffyB

Well The 5 (7) question interview is complete and for you all to read


1. What is going to bring back the old UT fans to UT2004, that didn't bring them forward when UT2003 was released?

The true evolution of a franchise. UT2003 did really well for us but, at the core of it, it was UT with better graphics - and no Assault. This time Assault is back and it has brought its badass cousin Onslaught. Every day when we have our playsessions I have to limit the amount of players that join the server because productivity will grind to a halt. I'm forcing employees OUT of our matches so they can keep working!

I'd like to think the UT experience is the sum of its parts. From colorful arenas to unique gameplay scenarios to original weapons and a fast pace, UT2004 is more UT than ever.

2. What are the differences between UTAS and UT2004AS?

First and foremost you can figure out where you're going and what you're doing in 2004's Assault. A 3d racing game style arrow is front and center at the top of your HUD. A slide in indicator checks off the various objectives and a nice announcer voice informs you of what needs to be done. Also, there's a spawn que of 10 seconds. Not incredibly long by tactical shooter standards, true, but in the fast paced Unrealiverse 10 seconds is an eternity and it changes the game dynamic so that a group of players meet another group rather than 2 trickles of players spamming each other.

Finally, there are the occasional defender objectives. In one level, Junkard War, the attackers must escape the level in a Hellbender 3 person vehicle. The defenders can blow up a pile of pipes or knock down a tower to force the attackers into alternate routes (where an ambush can be staged and executed)!

3. What about iAssult and iOnslaught how with the 2 known new game types work with instagib?

Instagib means that your weapon will gib players with one shot. Not objectives, not tanks, not Hellbenders. We're taking a more pro-active approach this time around to mutators that can break the entire functionality of a game mode. In low grav Onslaught, for example, players are low-grav but vehicles are not.

4. Will you be bringing forward UnrealWindows back for UT2004, as many members of the community have wanted it?

Randy Pitchford of Gearbox has been quoted as saying "The interface for your game is an obstacle, not a feature." I agree with him - the less time your users spend monkeying around with options in your menus the better. The current interface is halfway between the old style Uwindows and the UT2003 menus. I think it strikes the perfect balance between the two and allows for you to, at a glance, modify and enhance your UT experience - while getting you into the game as quickly as possible.

5. Since Epic Games started how many members have your picked up to help you in your quest from the various sections of the Unreal Community?

I'd wager that half of Epic's employees are from the community. Making cool content in the user community is the quickest way to get hired at a company like Epic; a great level or mod is always better than the most amazing resume.

6. does the status of your hair have anything to do with the completion of the game? ie the redder the closer?

Well, considering that my hair is no longer red I think this kind of puts the kibosh on your theory...

7. Can I work at Epic?

Hmmm I do need someone to keep the java going...


Thanks Cliff (Epic Games) for the answers, most useful due to many conversations I've read on various Unreal Forums.