Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine price changes for Non-developers

With the recent release of Unreal Engine 5.3 Epic announces plan pricing changes to those who use the engine for anything that isn't game development


At Unreal Fest Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney discussed recent layoffs at Epic Games along with upcoming per-seat price changes that are coming to Unreal Engine in 2024.

The important thing here is that the price changes will only impact those who use Unreal Engine for non-game development purposes. The example given at Unreal Fest is the automotive industry but the planned changes would also cover those in industries such as articture, video production, basically anyone using Unreal Engine for commercial non-game settings that don't result in royalties.

What will be of comfort to some is that the EULA for Unreal Engine is perpetual, meaning any price changes will only impact future versions of Unreal Engine.